BEMA is the first organisation that represents and unites blockchain endeavours

The Blockchain Entertainment and Music Alliance assists blockchain ventures gain mainstream traction and provides a forum for collaboration between different organisations

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Our mission

Blockchain Advocacy

BEMA works with partner organisations from leading industries to promote the adoption of blockchain technology for mainstream use cases and support the development and integration of the revolutionary technology into existing applications

Joint Collaboration

BEMA allows for a common ground by offering personalised assistance, resources, and unparalleled networking opportunities, all geared to the specific needs of our members. We support all individuals and organisations working towards blockchain adoption

Why you should join BEMA

Huge content library

BEMA provides you with an initial library of artists and content creators you can migrate to your platform

Active community

BEMA shares it’s database of 150k+ Blockchain enthusiasts with an interest in digital media to all it’s partners

Complete solution

BEMA helps you connect to niche specific trusted developers, designers and marketing experts whenever required

United we stand

Divided we fall

It’s high time blockchain projects realise that they are working towards achieving similar goals and other decentralised ventures are not competitors

Our Vision

BEMA promotes an environment that drives our members’ growth and success. We represent legitimate blockchain companies and help gain them recognition in the mainstream market. We help decentralised platforms acquire the necessary digital media services required to appeal to consumers.

Who is BEMA for?

Blockchain Ventures

BEMA is the perfect platform for Blockchain startups who are working on innovative and unconventional ideas and looking to gain recognition for their work BEMA makes collaborating and  connecting with traditional corporations and other startups effortless thus creating a complete ecosystem

Blockchain Service Providers

Are you a team of blockchain developers?
Do you specialise in marketing and PR?
Does your company provide content publishing services?
BEMA helps you connect with our partners who are looking for specific services and collaborate with exciting blockchain ventures

Established Organisations

Whether you’re a traditional firm exploring the benefits of Blockchain Technology or a Fortune 500 company looking for collaborations and investment opportunities with startups in this niche, BEMA is the place for you

Content Creators and Artists

Content Creators and Artists can register with BEMA and migrate their content to be distributed to our partner platforms and get exposure
We help quality content creators gain recognition in their niche after registering with BEMA

Become a member

After registering as our partner, we start preparing a professional analysis of your firm and provide a tailored approach to help you with your success.
Before approving your application, we take multiple factors into account and only allow quality organisations with an innovative idea and product first approach.
Feel free to ask us any questions before proceeding with the application via the contact form below or an email.

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Reach Us

Please send us an email to the address mentioned below for any queries

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